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Creative Career Coach

Specialized Career Coaching for Creative Arts Fields

Complete mentoring and step by step guidance is provided by our highly qualified and professional creative career coaches to initiate the creatively inclined into successful careers in arts. Some of the dream careers might include-
1. Films ( Production. Direction, Acting, Cinematography, Editing)
2. Photography
3. Digital Art ( Graphics, Animation)
4. Music (Singing, Composing, Production, Musicianship. Sound Engineering, Music Critic)
5. Dance (Indian & Western)
6. Visual Arts ( Painting, Sculpture, Installation Art, Commercial Art, Art Curator, Art Critic)
7. Theatre ( Acting, Production, Direction, Stage Management, Light Designing, Set and Prop designing)
8. Vlogging, Social Inflluencing, Modelling
9. Magicianship
10. Public Speaking, Emcee, Radio and TV jockeying, Radio Production, Voice Artists, Life Coaching.
11. Creative Writing ( Copy writing, Script writing, Lyricist, fashion journalism, travel journalism, book authoring, blogging)
12. Designing ( Textile, jewellery, fashion, industrial, interiors, sets, costume)
13. Event management, advertising, artist management
14. Make up artist, llifestyle coaching, baking
15. Arts Entrepreneurship
16. Arts Coaching
17. Arts Therapy/ Healing

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