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Bangkok Revenge (2011) 720p BluRay DTS X264-PublicHD ~UPD~

Bangkok Revenge: A Review of the Action-Packed Movie

If you are looking for a thrilling and fast-paced action movie, you might want to check out Bangkok Revenge, a 2011 French-Thai film starring Jon Foo, Caroline Ducey and MichaÃl Cohen. In this movie, Jon Foo plays Manit, a young boy who survives a brutal attack that kills his parents and leaves him mute. He is trained by a martial arts master to become a skilled fighter and seeks revenge on the killers who ruined his life.

Bangkok Revenge (2011) 720p BluRay DTS x264-PublicHD

The movie was directed by Jean-Marc MinÃo, who also co-wrote the screenplay with Olivier Horlait. The movie was released in France on September 5, 2012 and in Thailand on October 4, 2012. It received mixed reviews from critics, who praised the action scenes and Jon Foo's performance, but criticized the plot and the dialogue. The movie was also known as Rebirth or Bangkok Renaissance in some countries.

In this article, we will review the movie and its main features, such as the story, the characters, the cinematography, the music and the Blu-ray quality. We will also provide some information on how to download the movie from torrent sites, such as PublicHD.

The Story

The movie begins with a flashback of Manit's childhood, when he witnessed his parents being shot by a group of masked men. He was also shot in the head, but miraculously survived. However, he lost his ability to speak and feel emotions. He was taken in by a martial arts master named Chao (Aphiradi Phawaphutanon), who taught him how to fight and control his pain.

Twenty years later, Manit (Jon Foo) is a silent and ruthless assassin who works for Chao. He is sent to kill various targets who are connected to his parents' murder. Along the way, he meets Clara (Caroline Ducey), a French psychologist who tries to help him recover his emotions. He also faces Simon (MichaÃl Cohen), a corrupt cop who is involved in the crime syndicate that ordered his parents' death.

As Manit uncovers the truth behind his past, he realizes that he has been manipulated by Chao and that his quest for revenge is not as simple as he thought. He must decide whether to follow his heart or his fists, and whether to forgive or to kill.

The Characters

The main character of the movie is Manit, played by Jon Foo. Jon Foo is a British actor and martial artist who is best known for his roles in Tekken and Rush Hour. He has also appeared in other movies such as House of Fury, Batman Begins and Universal Soldier: Regeneration. He is proficient in various styles of martial arts, such as wushu, taekwondo, karate and muay thai.

In Bangkok Revenge, Jon Foo delivers an impressive performance as Manit, showcasing his skills and charisma. He portrays Manit as a cold and ruthless killer who gradually regains his humanity thanks to Clara's help. He also expresses Manit's inner conflict and pain through his body language and facial expressions.

The other main characters of the movie are Clara and Simon, played by Caroline Ducey and MichaÃl Cohen respectively. Caroline Ducey is a French actress who has appeared in movies such as Romance, Pola X and Murderous Maids. She plays Clara as a compassionate and courageous woman who tries to save Manit from his dark path.

MichaÃl Cohen is a French actor, director and writer who has appeared in movies such as Them, The Other Woman and Happily Ever After. He plays Simon as a greedy and corrupt cop who will stop at nothing to protect his interests.

The Cinematography

The movie was shot in various locations in Thailand, c481cea774


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