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Fender G-DEC Midi Manual Fender __TOP__

Name of Gear: Fender G-DEC 3 FifteenList Price: $399.99Manufacturer Info: Fender Musical Instruments; fender.comPros: Excellent practice amplifier; online connectivity a plusCons: Modifying sounds can be time consuming

Fender G-DEC Midi Manual Fender

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If you want to lay down a short rhythm guitar looop, you can record that and then play it back with the backing track and then improvise your heart out playing lead guitar. The G-DEC makes it as easy as its gonna be to try out different musical styles without having to spend hours futzing to get the exact tone you want. In fact the manual is barely a dozen pages and the controls are all easy to use. Of course, you can futz around for hours if you want to customize any of the built-in presets. You can change the effects, the amp model parameters, the drum track and save it as one of your own 50 custom settings. The user interface is quite easy once you learn it. Just press a button (Amp, Fx, Drums) and rotate the big knob known as the "Data Wheel". (Ok, I must admit, I had to read the manual before I totally figured this out.) You can also plug in directly to a midi-based PC or pull in tracks directly from a CD player or MP3 player. In fact the amp has a flat top making it convenient to put a CD Player (or beer) on top. Instead of the traditional built-in handle, there's a carrying strap. As a practice amp, its got a decent sound, but you're never gonna mistake it for a tube amp. The G-DEC puts more emphasis on heavily distorted metal tones than on clean ones and while its unlikely you're going to be thrilled with all of the tones, there's still plenty to choose from. For the price and size, it's quite a good value, especially if you estimate the cost of a typical practice amp and one or two effects pedals or a Line 6 Pocket Pod, KORG Pandora PX5D or similar amp modeling device. Since it's all built-in, its very easy to use and there's no weird distortion of the backing track when you apply guitar effects. It's also got a great one-button electronic tuner that makes tuning up a snap. 350c69d7ab


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