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Dumb Ways to Die 3: World Tour - The Ultimate Guide to the Dumbest Game Ever

Dumb Ways to Die 3: World Tour - A Fun and Educational Game for Everyone

If you are looking for a game that is both fun and educational, then you should try Dumb Ways to Die 3: World Tour. This is the third installment of the popular Dumb Ways to Die series, which was originally developed by Metro Trains Melbourne and the Australian Public Transport company to teach people about safety. In this game, you will join the dumb little Beans that the world fell in love with in their new adventure. You will help them rebuild and keep the once great town of Dumbville safe, travel to the scorching deserts of Dumb-Gypt, hike to the frosty summit of Dumb Peak, and journey to the curious planet of Dumbtune. You will also play various mini-games that will test your skills and reflexes, while avoiding dumb ways to die. In this article, we will show you how to download and install Dumb Ways to Die 3 APK on your Android device, what are the features of this game, how to play it, how it is different from the previous versions, and why you should play it.

How to Download and Install Dumb Ways to Die 3 APK on Your Android Device

Dumb Ways to Die 3 APK is an Android application package that contains all the files needed to run the game on your device. You can download it from various sources online, but you need to be careful about the reliability and security of these sources. Some of them may contain malware or viruses that can harm your device or steal your personal information. To avoid these risks, we recommend you download Dumb Ways to Die 3 APK from a trusted source like [APKCombo](^1^), which offers free, safe, and fast downloads of Android apps and games. Here are the steps you need to follow:

dumb ways to die 3 apk download


  • Step 1: Find a reliable source for the APK file. You can use this link to go directly to the download page of Dumb Ways to Die 3 APK Step 2: Enable unknown sources on your device settings. This will allow you to install apps that are not from the Google Play Store. To do this, go to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources and toggle it on. You may see a warning message, but you can ignore it if you trust the source of the APK file.

  • Step 3: Download and install the APK file. Once you have enabled unknown sources, you can tap on the download link and wait for the file to be downloaded. After the download is complete, you can open the file and follow the instructions to install it on your device.

  • Step 4: Launch the game and enjoy. After the installation is done, you can find the game icon on your home screen or app drawer. Tap on it to start the game and have fun with your dumb little Beans.

What are the Features of Dumb Ways to Die 3 APK?

Dumb Ways to Die 3 APK is a fun and educational game that offers many features that will keep you entertained and engaged. Here are some of them:

  • Feature 1: Five different mini-games to test your skills and reflexes. You will have to help your Beans survive various situations, such as flying a plane, riding a rocket, skiing down a mountain, escaping a pyramid, and exploring a planet. Each mini-game has its own rules, objectives, and hazards that you need to avoid. You will also have to collect coins and tokens along the way that you can use to unlock more content and rewards.

  • Feature 2: Collect and play as your favorite Beans with unique outfits. You can choose from over 20 different Beans, each with their own personality and style. You can also customize their appearance by changing their outfits, hats, glasses, and accessories. You can unlock more Beans and outfits by playing the game or by watching ad videos.

  • Feature 3: Repair and decorate the town of Dumbville and other locations. You can use your coins and tokens to fix the damage caused by the dumb ways to die in each location. You can also upgrade and decorate the buildings, monuments, and landmarks with various items and themes. You can make your town look like a winter wonderland, a tropical paradise, a spooky graveyard, or anything you want.

  • Feature 4: Earn coins and tokens to unlock more content and rewards. You can earn coins and tokens by playing the mini-games, completing objectives, watching ad videos, or spinning the wheel of fortune. You can use them to unlock more Beans, outfits, locations, mini-games, items, themes, and more. You can also use them to buy power-ups that can help you in the mini-games, such as extra lives, shields, magnets, rockets, etc.

  • Feature 5: Learn about safety and avoid dumb ways to die. The game is not only fun but also educational. It teaches you about safety tips and how to avoid common hazards in everyday life. For example, you will learn not to play with firecrackers, not to run across train tracks, not to eat expired food, not to touch electric wires, etc. The game also shows you the consequences of doing these dumb things in a humorous and exaggerated way.

How to Play Dumb Ways to Die 3 APK?

Dumb Ways to Die 3 APK is easy to play but hard to master. You will need quick reflexes, good timing, and a bit of luck to survive the dumb ways to die. Here are some tips that can help you play better:

  • Tip 1: Use the arrow keys and space bar to control your Bean. Depending on the mini-game, you will have to use different combinations of these keys to move your Bean left or right, jump or duck, fly or land, etc. You will see instructions on the screen before each mini-game starts.

  • Tip 2: Follow the instructions and avoid the hazards in each mini-game. Each mini-game has its own rules and objectives that you need to follow. For example, in Plane Loopy, you need to fly through as many rings as possible without crashing into anything. In Rocket Ski Jumping, you need to launch yourself as far as possible without falling off the edge or hitting any obstacles. In Pyramid Run, you need to escape from the mummy without getting caught or stepping on any traps. In Space Escape, you need to dodge asteroids and aliens while collecting fuel cans. In Dumb Peak Dash, you need to ski down the mountain without hitting any trees or rocks.Tip 3: Collect as many coins and tokens as possible in each run. Coins and tokens are the currency of the game that you can use to unlock more content and rewards. You can find them scattered around the mini-games, or you can get them by completing objectives, watching ad videos, or spinning the wheel of fortune. You can also get bonus coins and tokens by performing stunts, combos, or near misses.

  • Tip 4: Watch ad videos to speed up healing, construction, and get free gifts. Sometimes, your Beans will get injured or die in the mini-games, and they will need some time to heal before they can play again. You can speed up their healing process by watching ad videos, or you can use tokens to revive them instantly. Similarly, you can speed up the construction and decoration of your towns by watching ad videos, or you can use coins to finish them immediately. You can also watch ad videos to get free gifts, such as coins, tokens, power-ups, Beans, outfits, etc.

  • Tip 5: Compare your scores with your friends and other players online. You can connect your game to Facebook or Google Play Games to see how your friends are doing in the game. You can also see the global leaderboards and achievements to see how you rank among other players around the world. You can also challenge your friends or other players to beat your scores in the mini-games.

How is Dumb Ways to Die 3 APK Different from the Previous Versions?

Dumb Ways to Die 3 APK is the latest and most improved version of the Dumb Ways to Die series. It has many differences from the previous versions that make it more fun, diverse, and educational. Here are some of them:

  • Difference 1: More locations, mini-games, and characters to explore. The game has expanded its scope from the original Dumb Ways to Die video and app, which featured only one location (the train station) and 15 mini-games. The game now has five locations (Dumbville, Dumb-Gypt, Dumbtune, Dumb Peak, and Dumb Space) and 25 mini-games. The game also has more than 20 Beans that you can collect and play as, each with their own backstory and personality.

  • Difference 2: More customization options for your Beans and towns. The game allows you to personalize your Beans and towns with various outfits, items, and themes. You can change the appearance of your Beans by choosing from hundreds of combinations of hats, glasses, accessories, and outfits. You can also change the look of your towns by selecting from different items and themes that suit your style and preference.

  • Difference 3: More challenges, objectives, and rewards to complete. The game has added more goals and incentives for you to play and progress in the game. You can complete daily and weekly objectives that will give you coins, tokens, power-ups, Beans, outfits, etc. You can also complete achievements that will give you trophies and bragging rights. You can also unlock more content and rewards by playing the mini-games and collecting coins and tokens.

  • Difference 4: More educational messages and tips about safety. The game has maintained its original purpose of teaching people about safety and how to avoid dumb ways to die in real life. The game has added more messages and tips that cover various topics and situations, such as fire safety, road safety, water safety, animal safety, food safety, etc. The game also shows you the consequences of doing dumb things in a humorous and exaggerated way.

Difference 5: More fun, humor, and dumb ways to die. The game has increased its level of fun, humor, and dumbness by adding mo


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