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- Voice Training for professionals

A 'Captivate!' program- The Mentoring Monk

Keeping the ever increasing demands of the voice based industry and the also a realization of importance of voice in all others, TMM has been instrumental in giving specialized voice training to individuals and teams to generate better growth, output, business and relationships within teams, through it's 'Lead By Voice' training, under the 'CAPTIVATE!' program. 

The Voice Training aims at optimum utilization of speaking voice to create impact, inspire, convince & build amicable bonds. It creates awareness and coaches clients to change the way they speak to ALWAYS get the desired results. 

The program 'Lead By Voice' is highly recommended for all clients in the speaking business.... leaders, teachers, lawyers, sales and marketing personnel, vloggers, influencers, voice artists, Rjs and VJs, actors, public speakers, life coaches, politicians... and everyone else who feels the need to improve their social interactions in personal and professional lives.

'Lead By Voice' boasts of a lineage of celebrity clients from the backgrounds of acting, politics, vlogging, radio and television, public speaking, corporate leadrership, to name a few.

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