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The Mentoring Monk

The Mentoring Monk has been established with the motive of enhancing skills and quality of life of people. The core nature of work of The Mentoring Monk is personal and professional training (in the fields of voice, presentation, presence, emotional intelligence, leadership and more), life mentoring, arts career counseling, arts healing....all at a personal and institutional level. 

The Mentoring Monk is determined to improve the quality of workplace environments through it's 'Arts for EI' training, as also the para- verbal skills of working individuals through it's 'CAPTIVATE!' programme.


It also aims at changing the overall societal culture (through it's unique 'Soch' programme focusing on training on 'consent and mutual  respect' of the opposite gender, specially towards females. In wake of the highly grim and objectionable gender biases in our country, as also the entire world, the 'Soch' programme mainly focuses on the young males of the society, as young as age 6 years, in order to change the way they respond towards women. It, thus, contributes towards building a culture of respect towards all. The programme also involves participation of girls/ women for a better understanding of their male friends/ colleagues/ fellow citizens. Our 'Soch' programme takes inspiration from the highly effective 'Respect' workshops being successfully conducted in some towns of Africa, where, as a result of the mentoring and training, the rape culture dipped by 90%...something that The Mentoring Monk aspires to achieve, along with achieving respect for the women in home and out, through it's 'Soch programme.

The Mentoring Monk is also involved in commendable work in the fields of Arts Career Counseling, a unique and intensive initiative for those who'd like to create a profession out of their passions and art.

Life Coaching (personal and group), and Arts Healing (personal) is another service offered by The Mentoring Monk, determined to enhance the quality of life and mental health of people.

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